Self-Love Goddess Course

A Guided Journey to Discover the Divine Being that You are.

Are you tired of being full of shame? Are you tired of hurting in the space just around your heart? Are you tired of your shoulders feeling heavy and your legs weak?   I know what it’s like to feel all those things. I know what it’s like to hurt, emotionally. 

Just half a year ago, I was suicidal.

I tried to take my life, twice. Once, with a car. I sped up to ram into the car in front of me, forgetting that there was an eight-year-old child in the car with me. I remembered in time, but Gods Abovewhat if I hadn’t? Not two months later, I tried to slit my wrists in the bathtub. Both times, I went into a treatment facility, to stabilize myself. After the second visit, I was determined never to feel that way again.  

I called on the Divine to steady my heart, to help me push back those Bad Thoughts, and allow myself to shine the light of my experiences on other’s lives. Through much searching, I found this course to be the best way to help those around me. Providing guidance and insight into someone’s life has empowered me to gain perspective of my own.   

What I’m offering isn’t meant to replace therapy or medicine. What I’m offering is a coach, a mentor, someone who’s been through tough times, and knows what it takes to come through whole and improved.   Learn from My Mistakes. 

What you get Weekly: 

  • 3 x 20-minute phone conversations ($300 Value at $20/20mins)
  • 1 x 60-minute strategy/ reading session ($2000 Value at $200/hr)
  • Unlimited Communication Via Facebook Messenger ($459 Value)

Bonus (if paid up front):

1 x Recorded mantra file, to be used daily. ($50 Value)
1 x 10-minute Guided Meditation for Falling In Love with your Divine Self   ($200 Value)

All this for: $2500 paid in full -or- Five payments of $600 each! Pay in full for a $500 discount! 

  • In the five weeks of my course, you will tackle the following challenges:
  • Week One: Daily Mantra Messages – Between the two of us, we will come up with a Mantra to stabilize your heart and provide you with the courage you need. Then, I will expect a daily recording of that mantra in my Messenger inbox.   
  • Week Two: Dress to Impress – I will require you to not only dress more stylishly and fancily than you usually do, I will require you to post Outfit Of The Day posts on whatever social media you prefer.   
  • Week Three: Self Care-For-Yourself – Three acts of self-care must be recorded daily, pictures sent to me. (No nudity, Faces not required.) You may also choose to post on Social Media whenever you do a Self-Care Act, for bonus points, so to speak.   
  • Week Four: Get Out! – Three Self-Dates required, at locations previously defined to me in our Week Three Strategy/Reading Session. Social Media posts will be required as proof of your commitment to having fun on these self-dates. 
  • Week Five: Love Thy Self – I will require a five-page essay detailing all that you’ve learned about yourself, and how to love yourself, and what you love about yourself. The Final Strategy Call will be about how you feel, whether you’re ready to go on loving yourself, or if you need extra help.  

All this support, encouragement, time and loving Service will be just for you. Your most important Investment yet. And only for $2500.

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