Nicohle Renae

An Intuitive Reader of fifteen years, Nicohle discovered this gift at fourteen years old. Her mother and father took her to an occult shop in downtown Denver, and the young witch had found herself called to a deck of oracle cards. Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle. To this day, she still owns and uses this deck for personal readings and advice. Through that deck, Nicohle fell in love with the universe, and it showed it’s own love through the wisdom and messages she received from her cards.

When she was sixteen, she, her two brothers, and her mother became homeless. During their time on the streets, Nicohle would use her cards to guide them away from bad ideas and people. Eventually, they lead her to part ways with her mother, and find her own way in the world. 

She has been reading cards professionally for nine years. She still lives in Colorado, and loves the snow, the spring, and how kind everyone is. She adores her found-family, and Diligently Serves others with love in her heart. A devotee of the Goddess Sigyn, she is a second generation Witch, and her black cat, Erabis, is never far away when it’s time to work Magic.

Beleive in the Kindness of Strangers

-Nicohle Renae’s Motto

What I Do:

  • Provide Space for the Client to grow and feel safe.
  • Provide guidance in difficult matters, such as Suicidal Ideation, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Change of Circumstances.
  • Push where needed, to trigger Growth, Connection, Divine Being, and anything else my client needs.
  • Channel the Universe’s wisdom, the Goddess’s Grace, and the Divine power of Self, to deliver messages to the Client.
  • Empower my Clients to become who they want to be. To become Happy, Generous, Prosperous, Confident, Divine.
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