25 Questions to Ask Your Tarot Reader

Here you are, staring down the barrel of a Reading, and you choke. Your mind blanks out, your palms sweat, and you can just feel the words stuck in your throat. You don’t know what to ask. You have so many things whirling around in your mind, that it’s impossible to pin down a question for the Reader to answer.

Searching too hard for questions will end up leaving you exhausted, mentally and emotionally. 

First of all, take a deep breath. This question is not the proverbial Genie’s Wish, where you have to be so precise that it can’t possibly go wrong. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your question is silly, or cliche, or done to death. Trust me, your situation, if not your question, will be unique. 

Still, that doesn’t answer the question of “What should I ask?”, does it? Here’s a list of questions I recommend for my Clients. Please, feel free to steal one or all of them. 

  1. What are a few things that I should know?
  2. What are the next few steps I need to take on a path I have little motivation to take action on?
  3. I want _____. How do I get it?
  4. What is my Big Plan missing?
  5. Where am I losing the most time right now?
  6. How do I overcome some frustrating obstacles in my life right now?
  7. Where do will I to be at the end of 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?
  8. What is a relationship that I have that is suffering? How can I fix it?
  9. What is a relationship that is causing me to suffer? How can I fix or remove myself from it?
  10. Am I progressing well in my spiritual path?
  11. What skills am I missing to move into (situation/job/dream)?
  12. What strengths do I have that I need to use more?
  13. Where am I operating out of a weakness? How do I change it to a Strength?
  14. Can you clarify my vision for the future?
  15. How do I relax?
  16. What kind of legacy am I going to leave?
  17. What in my life would benefit from some better organization?
  18. How do I unstick this part of my life?
  19. What needs to change in order for my Perfect Day to happen?
  20. What is the next major financial decision I need to make? What outcomes do each of the possible decisions come to?
  21. What can I do to gain confidence in order to do (thing I’ve always wanted to do)?
  22. What do the Gods want me to know?
  23. How do I tell my Friend ____?
  24. How do I overcome my greatest fear?
  25. How can I be more like (my hero)?

Any one of these questions will set you up for a wonderful reading. Combine them, if you want, in order to have multiple readings in a single session. Happy Reading!

Comment below with any questions YOU can think of that aren’t on this list!

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