Holy Mourning

During my research to find out more about the Goddess I have devoted myself to, I found an interesting source. This source was, in fact, a shrine to the goddess and her lost children, preserved online. What I found was an explanation of my beliefs that was so perfect, it made me even more in love with this Goddess of mine.

With ordeals like Odin’s, it’s nine days and then it’s over. It’s the plucking of an eye and then it’s over. I mean no disrespect, but Sigyn didn’t know when or even if Her ordeal would ever be over. Not to mention no mother ever gets over the ordeal of losing a child, something Odin also understood.  But there is no glamour: you do what’s right, and you do it again and again and again, and that’s very unpopular. There’s no glamour, no sweeping gestures, and no one to sing your praises. The heart is a terrible thing.

-Fuensanta Arismendi

To me, this quote signifies exactly what I mean. This lady of mine, she is enduring such a battle, one that no one speaks of, no one heralds. She is the Lady who Endures. She is even more amazing than I had ever thought. 

Continuing, the shrine includes ideas on how to worship her, how to give her sons their due, how to create an alter for her. It is a treasure trove of knowledge. I myself spent several hours lost in it’s information, and in following the clues beyond what was in the shrine. 

Ever-patient Lady
I come to you in quandary
How do you lift your bowl so high?
How do you catch the vicious venom?
Lady of the Staying Power
How do you catch without seething hate?
How do work your Will?
I come, a creature without patience
May I hold your bowl a moment?
May I learn of your long-suff’ring?
I come, a small mortal
Offering my hand
Ever-patient Lady


In learning more about this near-forgotten goddess, I find that I am drawn to worship her more fully. I have begun putting candles on my altar to represent Vali and Narvi, her sons. I have begun holding the bowl for her, often in meditation. It’s very good exercise for your arm muscles. 

More than anything, I want to know her more fully. I want to share with those around the world her strength. I want to share with my students that though you think you cannot handle more, you can. It can be done. 

Make me a little voice within You, Lady.
Guide me to that place of stillness,
Where I may hear Your call.
Envelop me in Your protection.
Fill my heart with Your love,
That I may serve You always,
And well.

-Anna Archer

For more information, message me or follow this link. Please comment below a prayer you would say to the Lady of Enduring.

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